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Our Story

Owner Peter Sing has over 20 years of experience in high-end, custom, work-working industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Our Approach

We are entering the new age of sustainability and the time has come for ground-breaking leading-edge design for affordable modular multi-functional furniture, which is designed and built to last for centuries, perfectly matched for concerns facing these modern times.

International sculpted and handcrafted furniture may be pleasing to the eye, but it is expensive to maintain, and while it may be pretty, it can be easily damaged, expensive to repair, and rarely made in the USA because it is costly to manufacture.

Then there is less expensive off-shore manufactured furniture, which is inexpensive, most likely comes flat-packed and requires a number man hours to assemble all the pieces. These furnishings are designed to last on to two years, then are relocated to the land fill as they are replaced with similar inexpensive furniture. The cycle of low-cost disposable furniture is not sustainable, not good for our planet, or the workers who help to create it.

Enter Sustainable Modular Furniture

This new generation of furniture is introduced by inventor Peter Sing who has designed interchangeable furniture components which are built to withstand the test of time without failure or deterioration. Since modular furniture components are interchangeable, what may have been an end table yesterday, might become part of a desk today, and tomorrow? Who knows?

Rather than throw out old furniture, simply reconfigure it into a more functional piece of furniture which is needed at present by rebuilding your furniture as need be by adding or subtracting interchangeable panels.

Transforming sustainable modular panels are based on inventor Peter Sing’s unique embedded reinforced torsion box which is a combination of patent and patent-pending technology of Sing’s design.

His lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other wood-based substrate materials), high strength (starting our at 660+ PSI) furniture panels, are based on the very same panel technologies that used in aerospace designs (NASA) as well as beneath the sea (US Navy), and the most expensive homes in the world.

This material is so uniquely strong that a man (person or even several people) can stand on a one-inch panel suspended between two sawhorses without failing. (Anyone else would crash to the ground.)

Never in history has a furniture building material been so lightweight, strong, and true flat.

Peter Sing

Founder & CEO

Peter Sing’s vision emerged as he was able to re-tool his factory to build his patented SingCore in an assembly-line fashion overcoming the limitations of his earlier hand-crafted insulated torsion box core material. The resulting inventions are geared toward home building and material for use as alternatives for metal, plastic, concrete and wood. SingCore reduces the weight and enhances the strength of those materials in an Eco-friendly way.


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